Content batching

Here is a technique that increases productivity when it comes to social media marketing, having a presence, and staying consistent. Content batching is where you create all of your content during a planned time slot, or time blocking. It allows you to get in flow in that activity. 

For example, spending one hour creating captions instead of spending one hour on the creation of one post (caption, filming, editing, makeup, clothing). The pros to doing this include: being able to focus on one task at a time instead of jumping from one task to another and this allows you to create a more cohesive and simpler approach to your social media strategy.

Ideas day:

Spend one day (or hour) creating a brainstorm session where you dump out all your ideas. Write down everything even if you know some are not good. This is a way of clearing the mind. Circle the ones that have the most potential. (These should also be themed around the campaign you are creating) Think at least 6 weeks out, sometimes more depending on the campaign. Example: Holiday products. 

Writing day:

Script all videos around that campaign. Example: Here is one great gift idea for the person who loves the outdoors…ect. Filming day refer back to the scripts 

Planning for filming:

What outfits are you going to wear? What products are you going to showcase? Make sure all things are lined up and ready to go. If you wear make-up this is a great way to take advantage of only doing your make-up once for all the videos.

Filming day:

On filming day refer back to the scripts. Have the lighting, tripods, products, and anything else you may need at the ready.

Editing day:

Edit the footage, photos, and captions to match. 

Scheduling day:

This is where you use a third party app to schedule all your content. Facebook has one that does Instagram and Facebook posts.