What is a shot list?

It has happened to the best of us. We pay for a photoshoot and walk away with a ton of photos we never use. Here is how to avoid that problem! Create a shot list! What is a shot list? It is a list of must-have photos for your brand and what platforms you are going to use them with.  I’ll walk you through the steps on how to create one.

First off, know where you are going to use these photos. On instagram, your website, pinterest, ect. This matters because you want to be sure you are using the platforms where your ideal clients hangout in order to attract them to your business. 

Pinterest user? You will need the photos to be vertical to fit the pinterest platform and lots of angles of the same object to tell the full story. Not to mention blank areas where you can add text to the photo which is typical on pinterest. If you are using the instagram platform, a variety of content is needed to catch the attention of customers instead of slightly different angles of the same thing. 

How to write a shot list

Create a list of all of the images you want captured at your session. A mood board is helpful and so is writing it all down including where you plan to use them. Here are a few examples: 

Business: Outdoor adventures on the marina

Website and Instagram : A head shot of you and your staff for the “About” page standing by the water with a fishing pole in hand. 

Instagram: A shot of you on one of your kayaks in motion on the water. (great stop motion animation opportunity to create a GIF)

Instagram/ website: Multiple photos of the food you offer at the dock and styled in an appealing delicious way. (pulling apart the cheese pizza with strings of cheese coming off the slice.) 

Instagram/ website: Employees working and serving customers food, helping them launch from the dock, equipment cleaning. 

Budget for at least a two hour photoshoot or more.