Tips for a flat lays and supplies you will need for the job

Composition for Flatlay

When you are building a flat lay, think about the rule of thirds, the triangle composition, or the fibonacci spiral. These are all compositions where you can't go wrong. See the photos at the bottom.

Make sure that your product is the star. You don't want any other labels showing if you are not selling that product. 


Lighting for flatlays: If you do not have studio lighting here is the light I recommend: Westcott Flex mat. It imitates window lighting perfectly and you will have consistent lighting every time. 

You can use window light but this is very weather dependent and you will struggle with consistency. If you need to diffuse the light (make it look softer and less harsh) you can use a sheer curtain or sheet in front of the window or you can use this gear diffuser If you are looking for hard edge shadows don’t use a diffuser. 

If you are noticing that one side of your product is not well lit you can use a white fill card, reflector, or bounce card. You can get these online here or you can make one out of white foam core. The benefits of having one from this site is that you can wipe off all messes. If you shoot food, this is especially helpful. 

Surfaces to photograph on

If you would like to invest in sturdy, wipeable surfaces, I recommend replica surfaces. They offer a variety of colors, scenes, textures to get the perfect shot for your food or product. If you are a DIY-er then you could try gift wrap paper from Jam. They have a lot of matte options, which is great when you don’t want a glare or shine on the shooting surface. If you are looking for more of a kitchen or bathroom look, tiles from Home Depot work well too! 

Shoot! Practice shooting and perfecting the flat lay using the different compositions suggested at the start of this blog. 

food and product composition for photography