5 Tips to help you get started with social media marketing for your small business

1) Know your target audience and know where they hangout. Meaning, do they hang out on instagram, TikTok, YouTube? Here is a great resource for getting started with instagram marketing: 


Don’t get overwhelmed with trying to be all the places at once. Just start with one, build a consistent schedule and add on from there. If your audience hangs out on Facebook, join groups that your ideal client hangs out in. For example if you are a family photographer, you could join mommy groups and get to know your audience there. Engage with the audience organically, meaning don’t only promote your services. 

2) I would separate your personal social media from your business ones. Not to say that you can't be personable on your business page. Just don’t treat it so casually. Take the time to learn social media strategies, or better yet, outsource it to me! 

3) When you post you should be providing value to your customers. You should be seen as the expert in your field. Be sure to include helpful information that will add value to what you post. Your posts should educate, inspire, convince, or entertain. 

4) Build relationships with your “competition” There is always more than enough work to go around and not everyone is your ideal client. You can start by sharing content created by people in your field. 

5) Press kit! Always have one on hand. If you stay ready you don’t have to get ready. You can find the basics of a press kit here. 


 This is another form of marketing that is effective as another touch point with brand awareness. 

Things to include in your press kit : factsheet, high quality headshots, a few photos of your product or service, logo, and bio of the business and its founders. 

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