Pet Photoshoot Tips


Make sure your pet is looking and smelling nice! You can take them to the groomers or bathe them a few days before the shoot or even a few weeks before. If you have a pet that is hard to keep clean consider bringing pet wipes, and a towel for muddies toes.

What to pack in your bag

  • Treats
  • Your pet's favorite toy
  • Any outfits, collars, leashes
  • Favorite toys (we suggest new ones and a color that will photograph nicely)
  • Brush
  • Water and bowl
  • Pet wipes and waste bags
  • Pet bed as prop

Should I exercise my dog before the shoot to get rid of excess energy? 

Yes! This is a good way to get out some nervous energy of being in a new place. This will allow us to capture their personality!

What should I wear at a photoshoot with my pet?

Matching PJ's

You can match their leash and collar colors

Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and is ok to get pet fur on

What will my photographer have?

If you book with me I will have:

A lint roller for your clothing

Extra treats

Noise makers to get your pet's attention


Wet wipes

Waste bags