Questions to ask before choosing a product photographer


Yes, you should be asking questions before you hire anyone and especially someone who is going to represent your brand to your ideal client! 

This should make your choice much easier. Here are a few questions to ask your product photographer to ensure they are the right fit for you.

Remember these are people who are presenting your brand to the world, drawing in your ideal client, and helping in the overall success in your business. Not all photographers are the same, and that's a good thing!

1. What type of lighting do you use, artificial, natural, or both?  

A photographer who is trained in studio lighting is going to serve you better than one who only knows natural lighting. This is because studio lighting is not dependent on the weather, it is consistent and can create consistent lighting every time. A natural light photographer depends on the weather and if the weather is not ideal, it can ruin their shoot plans. Make sure your photographer knows how to use studio lighting. 

2. What is your pricing for this type of work? Do you price by the hour, by the image, or by subscription? 

Each work is pretty unique to the client so you will need to know how much each job will cost. Some photographers offer packages custom to your needs, budget, and specifications. 

3. What is working with you like? What is the process? What is the timeline?

Everyone has a different process on how they work. This is good to know and to see if they are a right fit choice. Does the photographer jump on a phone call to further discuss your vision? Do they have a series of questions they ask you to understand your vision, business and plans? How long does the entirety of the process take? 

4. Is there a prop budget? 

Make sure to ask what is included in the pricing. Props can be expensive and especially if you need a perishable item like foods and flowers. Some photographers ask you what your budget is for props and will send you a list and estimated costs. 

5. What kind of product photography do you specialize in? 

Sometimes photographers specialize in lifestyle outdoor shoots and product use in the field. This is great if you are an outdoor brand looking for people using your products in an image. Sometimes photographers have special skills and hobbies that allow for more adventurous shoots. For example: I might have a background in rock climbing and archery and I go hiking often all over the US. If your brand is looking for a variety of shots doing those activities in various places, then that's a right fit photographer. 

A photographer who specializes in clothing will know how to edit the photo so that the clothing is the star!

food photo of bananas pop art yellow and blue
food photography of Oreo cookies