No Idea what to post? You’re in the right place! 

  • A Personality Photo: This photo is all about showing who you are! A smile that reaches your eyes, a laughing photo, smirking, or a stare directly into the camera. This photo allows for your ideal clients to see who you are and what you're about. It’s about having that human connection and relatability.

Showing what you do

  • Showing what you do: A great work photo is a way to literally show your followers and ideal clients what you do. If you are a florist then a photo of you doing a floral arrangement, if you are a coffee shop owner a photo of you creating your best latte art or roasting beans. It helps people see your process and places you as an expert. 

Interacting with your clients and customers

  • Interacting with your clients and customers: This helps future clients envision working with you. Whether you are serving up the latest brew or hand delivering your product, it needs to be seen by your future clients. 

  • Detail photos: These are close ups of what you do or sell from different angles. This could be of your hands doing your work, a display of products you sell, the space in your shop that you love the most. These things make you different from anyone else, it shows a bit more of your personality too! 

Photos of people who represent your ideal client

Photos of other people: who represent your ideal customer using your product in a lifestyle setting. (at their home, in the kitchen, at the pool, etc.) A photo of someone who represents your ideal customer pairing different items from your store or your line of products, showing how they work together. 

Here you have 5 different types of photos to post to social media and to have in your marketing materials.