Where do I photograph my products

Small business Owner: Where do I photograph my products?

If you are a small business who is just starting out, you might be taking all the photos yourself at the beginning. If this is you, then where is the best location to photograph your product? 

This is different based on the product you sell, clothing, candles, earrings, food, books, jewelry etc. There are some general tips and tricks for you to follow.  

  • Tip number 1: Having a vision/ mood board is key to keeping with the aesthetic you have in mind. This is great for you or for me as the hired photographer. 

  • Tip number 2: Lighting is key and it is King, or Queen in my case. Photography is the ability to capture things with light. Having a lot of light ensures your photo comes out sharp. The less light an image has, the grainy the photo will be. It is best to take a photograph next to your window if you do not have any other lighting equipment. 

  • Tip number 3: Try creating a scene that matches your product. If you sell canned drinks, think about photographing them in a cooler or by the pool. You're trying to set the scene and have people envision places to use your products. If you sell candles, try and set the scene where you would like people to use your candles. In a cozy bubble bath, curled up on the couch with a good book, with their morning cup of tea on a rainy day. 

  • Tip number 4: Keep holidays in mind. When you are selling a product be sure to place that product in a holiday theme. Christmas, the 4th of July, birthdays, hanukkah. Ideally you should have your holiday shoot planned 2 months before the holidays, so it gives you plenty of time to roll out the offers.  

If you are looking to hire a professional brand and product photographer to save yourself some time and ultimately money, then let’s set up a free consultation call on my contact page.

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