Evoking Feeling

What do you think of when you hear the word adventure? It likely stirs up a stronger emotional response than when you hear the word “table''. Emotions are powerful and drive our decision making whether you are concise or not. As a small business or brand you want to create a strong emotional connection to your ideal client. Since you can’t tell your whole brand story in a logo, choosing a color is a way to start. 

Color theory is more than thinking a color is “cute”. Psychologists think it links to the evolution of humans and the connection to colors and their associations. Blood red can put people on alert to danger. 

There are also cultural associations as well. Green can represent money in the US but not all money in the world is green, in fact it’s many other colors.

Common places to use brand colors

To give it to you straight here are the most common places you will use your brand colors: 

Product images 




Store front 


The meaning of Colors

Here are some common colors and what they can represent in the US

  • Red: love, excitement, danger, passion, commands attention 
  • Orange: playfulness, caution, energy, friendliness, creative 
  • Yellow: optisims, happiness, youth, caution, attention 
  • Green: growth, wealth, nature, stability 
  • Purple: luxury, royalty, creativity 
  • Light blue: tranquil, innocence, trust
  • Dark blue: security, mature, trustworthy, professional 

  • Pink: innocence, fun, feminine
  • White: clean, pure, high end, or affordable 
  • Brown: earthy, retro 
  • Black: classic, elegant, simple, powerful, socificated 

Think about these colors as you choose your outfit for branding photos and as you think about product photos. What emotion are you trying to cultivate? How do you want to be seen as a business owner?