You can tell when a brand invests in professional photos and videos. They are a cut above their competitors.

  • It makes you stand out and it tells the customer you are serious and committed to your craft and service. It weeds out anyone who doesn't align with your business. You want to attract the right fit clients and repel those who are not the right fit. 
  • It allows you to hone in on your brand personality! These photos and videos will be tailored to fit your business. Your ideal clients will be attracted to your business because it screams YOU!  Don't know your brand personality? Don't worry! (I will go over that in another blog.)
  • You get to focus on the growth of your business and stop worrying and wondering what to post on social media. You can stop the endless scrolling in an attempt to “research” what to post.  It gives you your time back to do things you like to do, want to do, and focus on tasks that make you money.
  • Showing up for your business and showing photos of yourself helps build trust. It’s another opportunity to show you “Why”. What makes you unique and why people should buy from you or use your services. It is one of the many things that will set you apart from your competition. 
  • It helps you stay consistent. Consistency is key for anything to work. With all the content at your fingertips and captions written for you, there is no excuse to neglect the socials! This helps to level up your posting strategy! Don't have a posting strategy? Let me help with that. 

These are just a few things you will gain from hiring a professional brand and product photographer. If you get a subscription you can have them coming every month!  The fun never stops! 

What I can offer you: 

  • 2 HOURS OF PHOTOGRAPHY EVERY MONTH (this is a deal especially because my regular 1 hour sessions are $439.)
  • You will receive images and content for the next 30 days for your social media and marketing needs.
  • Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and more
  • Photo
  • Short version video
  • Stop motion Animations
  • Animations
  • Caption writing
  • Lifestyle photos
  • Content calendars
  • Photoshoot management
  • E-commerce amazon photos
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